Podcast Episode 02: More Than Meets the Eye Part Two

We continue the original mini-series with Part 2, picking up with the Autobots in the ocean. Some pretty crazy things happen this week, and we continue picking our favorite and least favorite lines of dialogue, as well as our most insane moments. You can listen to the episode right here:

Download it here:

Episode 2 More Than Meets the Eye Part 2

If you’re looking for Adam’s most insane moment here’s a good shot:

Starscream's Slingshot

And, as promised, a gif of Soundwave from Kevin’s most insane moment:

Soundwave Operation Tidal Wave

We’ll see you again next week for the conclusion of More Than Meets the Eye!

Podcast Episode 01: More Than Meets the Eye Part One

Here it is! The first episode of the show, where we are introduced to our intrepid Autobot heroes, and the dastardly Decepticons. Adam and Kevin discuss the episode before moving on to point out their favorite and least favorite lines of dialogue, along with what they thought was the most insane moment in the episode. You can listen to it right here:

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And now you can download it here:

Episode 1 More Than Meets the Eye Part 1

Also, we mention in the episode something about Bumblebee losing a tire on Cybertron. Well, as promised, here is the image:


And here is the lonely, little tire bouncing away afterwards:


Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you again next week!

Hello, Transformers Fans!

My name is Kevin and I’ll be teaming up with my good friend Adam to bring you a review of every, single episode of the Transformers cartoons, and all in chronological order! We’re going to start at the beginning and carry on until we finish or go crazy.

We are ramping up to our first show, and it will be coming your way very soon. So, get ready!

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