Episode 54: Hoist Goes Hollywood

Hoist, and a few other Autobots, catch the acting bug this week and decide to get into making movies. Meanwhile, the Decepticons waste everyone’s time with the worst MacGuffin ever.On top of that we spotted a couple of obvious goofs, like this “Closed” sign that is seriously misspelled:

54 Closed Sign

And then there was the shot where Soundwave suddenly turned into Perceptor:

54 Perceptor, Not Soundwave

You can listen to the episode here:

Download it here: Episode 54 Hoist Goes Hollywood

As for our Most Insane Moments, Adam went with the Autobots marching along as they pretend to be evil aliens for the movie:

54 Goose Stepping Autobot Aliens

Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was when Megatron ripped into Starscream, literally:

54 Megatron Kills Starscream

Join us next week when we learn about Vector Sigma!

Podcast Episode 43: The Golden Lagoon

This week the Decepticons become invincible and we have our naughtiest “Worst Line of Dialogue” ever. You can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 43 The Golden Lagoon

We had to pick out this amazing shot of Golden Megatron and Soundwave:


Adam really enjoyed Starscream holding his nose as he jumped into the pool:

Starscream Holds His Nose

And Kevin really enjoyed golden Megatron taking out Omega Supreme who then fell backwards onto his face:

Golden Megatron Shoot Omega Supreme

See you all next week!

Podcast Episode 42: The Autobot Run

We take a deep dive into some research on our new favorite Transformer writer this week while the Autobots have a race for charity. Listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 42 The Autobot Run

Kevin’s Insane Moment involved what might be his favorite character: Sad Trailer

Optimus Absorbs Sad Trailer

While Adam’s was incredibly long, but worth it since Devastator went completely nuts:

Devastator Goes Nuts

See you all in a week!

Podcast Episode 02: More Than Meets the Eye Part Two

We continue the original mini-series with Part 2, picking up with the Autobots in the ocean. Some pretty crazy things happen this week, and we continue picking our favorite and least favorite lines of dialogue, as well as our most insane moments. You can listen to the episode right here:

Download it here:

Episode 2 More Than Meets the Eye Part 2

If you’re looking for Adam’s most insane moment here’s a good shot:

Starscream's Slingshot

And, as promised, a gif of Soundwave from Kevin’s most insane moment:

Soundwave Operation Tidal Wave

We’ll see you again next week for the conclusion of More Than Meets the Eye!