Episode 75: Dark Awakening

The cartoon takes us to some pretty dark places this week, and we happily follow those threads to their conclusions. You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 75 Dark Awakening


Both of our Most Insane Moments involved the Dinobots this week! Kevin’s was when Sludge saved Snarl’s life by pushing him out of the way:


Adam picked the moment when Grimlock became furious, but it kind of looked like he was just dancing:


We’re now officially three fourths of the way through the original show, so join us next time as we start the home stretch!

Podcast Episode 8 S.O.S. Dinobots

It’s finally time for one of our favorite episodes, because the Dinobots are here! Of course, loving the Dinobots doesn’t mean that we didn’t find a couple of things to discuss this week. You can listen to the episode here:

Download it here: Episode 8 S.O.S. Dinobots

Kevin’s Most Insane Moment this week involved Bumblebee being interrupted mid-transformation:

Bumblebee Not Transforming


And Adam’s was all about Grimlock’s amazing fighting style:

Grimlock Grabs Thundercracker

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