Podcast Episode 45: The Secret of Omega Supreme

We get a mediocre episode that focuses on a very cool character this week, but does have some very fun stuff in it. You can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 45 The Secret of Omega Supreme

It even has a surprise appearance (even a surprise to the Decepticons around him) of Sideswipe:

Sideswide Make Surprise Appearance

Adam’s Insane Moment was when Optimus Prime transformed in a weird way to hide Sad Trailer from us:

Optimus Hides Sad Trailer

And Kevin’s Insane Moment was (spoiler alert) the birth of the Asteroid Beast, which might be the weirdest creature we’ve seen yet:

Birth of the Asteroid Beast

See you all next week!

Podcast Episode 41: Making Tracks

I know we always say this, but this week was another crazy episode in which the Autobots have a surprise new base and make a new friend. Oh, and we focus on Tracks, an Autobot we haven’t seen much of before. You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 41 Making Tracks

We have a bonus gif for you this week when Blaster decides to drastically change his size during a transformation:

Blaster Gets Big

Adam’s insane moment was Sideswipe doing a wrestling move on Ravage:

Sideswipe Power Bombs Ravage

And Kevin’s Insane Moment is possibly the longest one we have ever done, and includes new character Raoul taking out Megatron with a can of spray paint:

Raoul Takes Down Megatron

See you next week!

Podcast Episode 15: A Plague of Insecticons

We get to meet the Insecticons this week (this week)! And they like to repeat themselves (themselves). And you can enjoy the podcast here:

Or Download it here: Episode 15 A Plague of Insecticons

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Kevin thought that Optimus Prime throwing an oil tanker at Megatron was pretty insane:

Optimus Prime Throws an Oil Tanker

On the other hand, Adam thought that Optimus Prime throwing Brawn at an Insecticon was Insane:

Optimus Prime Throws Brawn

And for the penultimate episode of Season 1, we leave you with Spike’s worried expression after being grabbed by Optimus Prime:

Prime's Awkward Grasping

See you next week!

Podcast Episode 11: The Ultimate Doom Part 1

It’s the best episode of the series so far, and the first part of a trilogy! Listen to the podcast here:

Download it here: Episode 11 The Ultimate Doom Part 1

And Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was when Bumblebee steered a torpedo:

Bumblebee steers a torpedo

Adam’s Most Insane Moment was when a bunch of humans attacked the Autobots:

Humans Attack the Autobots

So join us next week for part 2 of 3!