Episode 83: Webworld

We’re back and almost on time! You can listen to the episode here:

Download it here: Episode 83 Webworld

First of all, RIP Len Wein. We’ll say more next episode.

Now, Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was when this weird centipede creature fell apart.

Adam’s Insane Moment involved Sky Lynx and Sludge messing with a Sweep:

Thanks for hanging in there and we’ll see you in 2 weeks!

Episode 57: Masquerade

The Stunticons continue to be front and center this week (while everyone seems to have forgotten that the Aerialbots even exist) and the Autobots decide that cosplay is the answer! You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 57 Masquerade

Adam pointed out that some pencil sketches didn’t get erased in this shot:

57 City Museum Pencil Sketches

And his Insane Moment was when Warpath punched right through one of the Stunticons:

57 Warpath Punches a Stunticon

Kevin’s Insane Moment was when Optimus Prime and Motormaster had a head-on collision:

57 Optimus and Motormaster Head On Collision

We’ll see you all next week as we get closer and closer to the movie!

Podcast Episode 32: Megatron’s Master Plan Part 2

The Decepticons have won and the Autobots are seconds from being destroyed when this week’s episode opens. So, join us as we find out what kind of nonsense allows the Autobots to win the day anyhow! You can hear it here:

Download it here: Episode 32 Megatron’s Master Plan Part 2

Adam’s Most Insane Moment was when our pal Shawn Berger attacked Laserbeak with a boom mic:

Berger Attacks Laserbeak

Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was Starscream shedding his Optimus Prime costume:

Starscream's Costume Change

Join us again next week when we hope to have a surprise announcement!

Podcast Episode 30: Day of the Machines

It’s a more straightforward episode this week, but that didn’t stop us from finding plenty to talk about (and actually running long). You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 30 The Day of the Machines

Adam’s Most Insane Moment involved this boat the Autobots were riding:

Autobot Hydrofoil Jump

And Kevin’s involved Optimus Prime riding on the head of a Dinobot:

Optimus Rides Sludge's Head

See you next week!

Podcast Episode 25: Atlantis, Arise!

We actually get introduced to an entire new species this week, and you can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 25 Atlantis, Arise!

Adam’s Insane Moment involved Autobots running backwards, since he thought it looked like the Moonwalk:

Moonwalking Autobots

And Kevin’s was when Megatron forcibly ejected President Lincoln:

Megatron Replaces Lincoln

See you next week!

Podcast Episode 24: A Prime Problem

This week we get TWO Optimus Primes for the price of one, in a really great episode. You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 24 A Prime Problem

Kevin’s Insane Moment was Laserbeak taking out, and carrying off, Starscream:

Laserbeak Defeats Starscream

And Adam’s Insane Moment was Optimus Prime rubbing/petting Spike’s head:

Optimus Pets Spike

So, join us next week as we get even further into Season 2!

Podcast Episode 23: Changing Gears

This week an Autobot switches sides, the Decepticons build another giant structure, and our new friend Sad Trailer has a bit of an adventure. Listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 23 Changing Gears

Kevin’s Insane Moment involved Ratchet saving Wheeljack with a well-placed kick:

Ratchet Saves Wheeljack with a Boulder

And Adam’s was about another kick from Optimus to Megatron that turned into what looked like a pleasant flight:

Optimus Kicks Megatron

Join us next week as we move on to the 2nd DVD of season 2!