Episode 66: Transformers The Movie Part 1 of 2

We’re finally back!

The long hiatus is over and we’re back with the much-anticipated animated movie. This week we’re doing our audio commentary track for the first half of the film, along with an intro and outro (including our weekly segments). You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 66 Transformers The Movie 1 of 2

We had a blast recording this episode, and you can probably tell by how long the gifs are this week. Adam’s Insane Moment was the battle between Soundwave and Blaster’s minions, with a dash of Perceptor for good measure:


Kevin’s Insane Moment was the Dinobots going all out against Devastator (how crazy is it that Adam passed on the Dinobots moment!):


Join us next week for Part 2, and then we’ll release just the full commentary the week after. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the show!

Oh, and it’s International Podcast Day so be sure to check out the site: https://internationalpodcastday.com/

Episode 48: The Search for Alpha Trion

Nearly the entire episode takes place on Cybertron this week, making it one of our favorite episodes so far. You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 48 The Search for Alpha Trion

At one point we try to describe something that is indescribable, and this is it:

Elita One's Special Power

Adam’s Most Insane Moment involved a new character taking out Ramjet:

Elita One Returns a Missile

And Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was the Autobots actually being an effective fighting force for once:

Autobots Actually Winning

The show seems to be getting better with every episode, so join us next week when we see if that trend can continue!

Podcast Episode 46: Child’s Play

This week’s episode involves baseball and a planet of giants. Seriously. It’s pretty amazing. You can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 46 Child’s Play

Adam brought up Christmas Specials again as soon as he saw Ravage running through the air like a reindeer:

Ravage Is a Reindeer

And Kevin’s Insane Moment was when Soundwave picked up a human and threw them like a baseball:

Soundwave Pitches a Human

We really don’t think next week’s episode can outdo the crazy in this one, but join us again as we find out!

Podcast Episode 44: Quest for Survival

Kevin goes on record as this being his favorite episode of the cartoon so far, and it is pretty great. I mean, check out this shot:

Robot Insecticide

Seriously, that is a can of Robot Insecticide. You can listen to the show here:

Download it here: Episode 44 Quest for Survival

Adam absolutely loved his Most Insane Moment since it involves both Megatron AND Soundwave laughing at Starscream:

Starscream Shoots Himself

You might want to watch the cartoon and/or listen to the podcast first before looking at Kevin’s Most Insane Moment because it does include some spoilers, but he just couldn’t resist showing how the Autobots finally defeated the Morphobots:

Autobots Defeating the Morphobots

Join us next week as we crack open Season 2 Volume 2!

Podcast Episode 42: The Autobot Run

We take a deep dive into some research on our new favorite Transformer writer this week while the Autobots have a race for charity. Listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 42 The Autobot Run

Kevin’s Insane Moment involved what might be his favorite character: Sad Trailer

Optimus Absorbs Sad Trailer

While Adam’s was incredibly long, but worth it since Devastator went completely nuts:

Devastator Goes Nuts

See you all in a week!

Podcast Episode 35: Desertion of the Dinobots Part 1

This week the Dinobots have had enough and decide to jump ship, and it is AMAZING! You can listen here:

You can download it here: Episode 35 Desertion of the Dinobots Part 1

Adam and I both loved Jazz’s transformation so much we made it a bonus gif:

Jazz's Amazing Transformation

Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was when Ironhide and Powerglide built a wall in the most ridiculous way possible:


Ironhide and Powerglide Build a Wall

And Adam’s Most Insane Moment was when Optimus Prime just kicked Megatron through a wall:

Optimus Kicks Megatron

We’re taking a week off for Christmas so we’ll see you again in 2 weeks for the (hopefully) amazing finale!

Podcast Episode 34: City of Steel with Pete and Alex from Star Wars Minute!

It’s an extra-long episode this week as Pete the Retailer (@PeteTheRetailer) and Alex Robinson (@ARobTwit) from the amazing (and very influential on us!) podcasts Star Wars Minute (@StarWarsMinute) and AlphaBeatical (@Alphabeatles) join us for another wacky adventure from writer Douglas Booth. Megatron is out to give Manhattan a makeover, Optimus Prime falls to pieces, and you can hear all about it here:

Or download it here: Episode 34 City of Steel

Pete and Alex even took part in the weekly segments, which means you get double the Insane Moments. Alex enjoyed Prime’s arm being turned into a mounted turret:

Alex - Prime's Turret Arm

Pete got a kick out of Spike awkwardly floating in the bay:

Pete - Spike Floats Awkwardly

Kevin loved it when Devastator used Optimus as a weapon:

Kevin - Devastator Uses Prime

And Adam cracked up when Ironhide just fell over:

Adam - Ironhide Falls Down

And if you haven’t, then you definitely need to check out Star Wars Minute and Alphabeatical!

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We’ll be back in a week and a half so see you all then!