Podcast Episode 44: Quest for Survival

Kevin goes on record as this being his favorite episode of the cartoon so far, and it is pretty great. I mean, check out this shot:

Robot Insecticide

Seriously, that is a can of Robot Insecticide. You can listen to the show here:

Download it here: Episode 44 Quest for Survival

Adam absolutely loved his Most Insane Moment since it involves both Megatron AND Soundwave laughing at Starscream:

Starscream Shoots Himself

You might want to watch the cartoon and/or listen to the podcast first before looking at Kevin’s Most Insane Moment because it does include some spoilers, but he just couldn’t resist showing how the Autobots finally defeated the Morphobots:

Autobots Defeating the Morphobots

Join us next week as we crack open Season 2 Volume 2!

Podcast Episode 29: The Insecticon Syndrome

This week’s episode saves most of its crazy for the last couple of minutes, but boy is it worth it! You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 29 The Insecticon Syndrome

Adam’s most insane moment was when Spike got sucked into Bumblebee during their escape:

Spike and Bumblebee Flee

But Kevin preferred Optimus Prime tenderly helping Megatron transform:

Optimus Helps Megatron Transform

We’re taking a week off so we’ll see you in 14!

Podcast Episode 15: A Plague of Insecticons

We get to meet the Insecticons this week (this week)! And they like to repeat themselves (themselves). And you can enjoy the podcast here:

Or Download it here: Episode 15 A Plague of Insecticons

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Kevin thought that Optimus Prime throwing an oil tanker at Megatron was pretty insane:

Optimus Prime Throws an Oil Tanker

On the other hand, Adam thought that Optimus Prime throwing Brawn at an Insecticon was Insane:

Optimus Prime Throws Brawn

And for the penultimate episode of Season 1, we leave you with Spike’s worried expression after being grabbed by Optimus Prime:

Prime's Awkward Grasping

See you next week!