Podcast Episode 41: Making Tracks

I know we always say this, but this week was another crazy episode in which the Autobots have a surprise new base and make a new friend. Oh, and we focus on Tracks, an Autobot we haven’t seen much of before. You can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 41 Making Tracks

We have a bonus gif for you this week when Blaster decides to drastically change his size during a transformation:

Blaster Gets Big

Adam’s insane moment was Sideswipe doing a wrestling move on Ravage:

Sideswipe Power Bombs Ravage

And Kevin’s Insane Moment is possibly the longest one we have ever done, and includes new character Raoul taking out Megatron with a can of spray paint:

Raoul Takes Down Megatron

See you next week!

Podcast Episode 37: Blaster Blues

The cartoon focuses on a relatively new character this week by making everyone on both sides of the conflict hate him! Fortunately, that just makes the episode more enjoyable for us. You can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 37 Blaster Blues

Hide the kids, because Adam is absolutely convinced that there is blood on the windshield in this scene:

Bloody Window

However, he went a lot lighter when he picked Jazz dancing as his Most Insane Moment:

Jazz Dancing

Kevin, on the other hand, couldn’t resist Powerglide’s charms, especially once he plungered Optimus Prime to safety:

Powerglide Saves Optimus

Join us again next week!

Podcast Episode 20: Dinobot Island Part 2

We wrap up the completely nuts Dinobot Island storyline this week and you can hear it here:

Or Download it here: Episode 20 Dinobot Island Part 2

We genuinely loved this episode even with the 9 new characters. Adam’s Insane Moment involved one of them: Perceptor

Perceptor Transforms and Shrinks

On the other hand, Kevin’s Insane Moment was all about Dinosaurs kicking butt:

Dinosaurs Beating Decepticons

So, join us next week for a whole new adventure.

Podcast Episode 19: Dinobot Island Part 1

The Dinobots take center stage this week for an episode that we really enjoyed. In fact, we had so much fun it ended up being an extra-long podcast! You can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 19 Dinobot Island Part 1

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We didn’t mean to make such a long episode, but honestly, when things like this are happening:

Swoop with Pterodactyl Face

Or like Adam’s Insane Moment:

Megatron Grabs Laserbeak

Or what Kevin chose as his Insane Moment:

Spike Vs Nessie

Well, it’s hard not to have a lot to say. Enjoy, and join us next week for the conclusion of Dinobot Island!

Podcast Episode 8 S.O.S. Dinobots

It’s finally time for one of our favorite episodes, because the Dinobots are here! Of course, loving the Dinobots doesn’t mean that we didn’t find a couple of things to discuss this week. You can listen to the episode here:

Download it here: Episode 8 S.O.S. Dinobots

Kevin’s Most Insane Moment this week involved Bumblebee being interrupted mid-transformation:

Bumblebee Not Transforming


And Adam’s was all about Grimlock’s amazing fighting style:

Grimlock Grabs Thundercracker

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