Podcast Episode 13: The Ultimate Doom Part 3

We wrap up The Ultimate Doom with a pretty ridiculous finale, and you can listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 13 The Ultimate Doom Part 3

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Adam’s Most Insane Moment was when Cybertron went flying away:

Cybertron Flies Away

Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was the incredible Surfing Autobots:


And if you want to check out the awesome stop motion video Adam mentions near the end, here it is:

See you next week!

Podcast Episode 6: Divide and Conquer

The sixth episode of the original Transformers cartoon has one of the more convoluted plots we have seen so far, and it takes some work for Adam and Kevin to work through it.

Listen here:

Download it here:

Episode 6 Divide and Conquer

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Adam’s most insane moment involved this explosion happening in Optimus Prime’s chest:

Optimus Prime Explodes

Kevin’s most insane moment was when Laserbeak found the perfect place to hitch a ride into Autobot Central:

Laserbeak Rides on Brawn

And join us next week for the next episode!

Podcast Episode 4: Transport to Oblivion

We move into the regular series this week after the completion of the opening mini-series with an absolutely amazing episode. Seriously, this one has it all! You can stream it here:

Download it here:

Episode 4 Transport to Oblivion

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And let’s take a look at what Adam thought was the most insane moment this week:

Megatron's Telepathic Chest Snake

And here’s what made Kevin nearly do a spit take:

Bumblebee's Transformation Escape

We’ll see you next week, and let’s hope the show maintains this level of lunacy!