Podcast Episode 34: City of Steel with Pete and Alex from Star Wars Minute!

It’s an extra-long episode this week as Pete the Retailer (@PeteTheRetailer) and Alex Robinson (@ARobTwit) from the amazing (and very influential on us!) podcasts Star Wars Minute (@StarWarsMinute) and AlphaBeatical (@Alphabeatles) join us for another wacky adventure from writer Douglas Booth. Megatron is out to give Manhattan a makeover, Optimus Prime falls to pieces, and you can hear all about it here:

Or download it here: Episode 34 City of Steel

Pete and Alex even took part in the weekly segments, which means you get double the Insane Moments. Alex enjoyed Prime’s arm being turned into a mounted turret:

Alex - Prime's Turret Arm

Pete got a kick out of Spike awkwardly floating in the bay:

Pete - Spike Floats Awkwardly

Kevin loved it when Devastator used Optimus as a weapon:

Kevin - Devastator Uses Prime

And Adam cracked up when Ironhide just fell over:

Adam - Ironhide Falls Down

And if you haven’t, then you definitely need to check out Star Wars Minute and Alphabeatical!

5q1I1l8D_400x400 Jl3kvRT1_400x400

We’ll be back in a week and a half so see you all then!

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