Podcast Episode 26: Attack of the Autobots

Season 2 continues to blow our minds with how crazy the plots are, and this week is a real doozy. When the Autobots are turned evil, they become… cool? Also, apparently the Autobot’s computer, Teletraan 1 thinks that the Autobot symbol looks like this:

Teletraan's Awful Autobot Symbol

Listen to it here:

Download it here: Episode 26 Attack of the Autobots

Be glad that Kevin thought Rumble’s escape via double transformation was the most Insane Moment this week:

Rumble's Amazing Escape

And be EXTRA glad that Adam chose to gift the world with a gif of Optimus Prime smacking Bumblebee:

Prime Smacks Bumblebee

See you in two weeks (since we have to take an unscheduled week off)!

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