Podcast Episode 19: Dinobot Island Part 1

The Dinobots take center stage this week for an episode that we really enjoyed. In fact, we had so much fun it ended up being an extra-long podcast! You can listen here:

Download it here: Episode 19 Dinobot Island Part 1

Or subscribe with whatever podcasting app you prefer by clicking the Subscribe link to the right.

We didn’t mean to make such a long episode, but honestly, when things like this are happening:

Swoop with Pterodactyl Face

Or like Adam’s Insane Moment:

Megatron Grabs Laserbeak

Or what Kevin chose as his Insane Moment:

Spike Vs Nessie

Well, it’s hard not to have a lot to say. Enjoy, and join us next week for the conclusion of Dinobot Island!

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