Podcast Episode 17: Autobot Spike with ZACK WARD! (Explicit)

You read that right! This week we have actor extraordinaire Zack Ward as a guest on the show. You know him from Transformers (2007) as First Sergeant Donnelly:Zack Ward Transformers

and his most famous role as Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story: Zack Ward A Xmas Story

You can listen to it here:

You can download it here: Episode 17 Autobot Spike

Now, we recorded the show over the phone so the quality of the audio isn’t as good as it usually is, but we think you’ll enjoy it so much you won’t mind. Also, you might want to keep this one away from children since there is some adult language.

We hit on a few of his other roles in Freddy Vs. Jason, Deadwood, and Walker, Texas Ranger, and then he stuck around to discuss this wacky episode, which just happens to be the season premiere of Season Two! He even participated in the weekly segments by picking out some dialogue he enjoyed, and his Most Insane Moment:

Decepticon Base Rising

That might just look the Decepticon Base to you, but it reminded Zack of a… um… very DIFFERENT kind of toy.

Adam chose Brawn kicking Soundwave for his Insane Moment:

Brawn Kicking Soundwave

And Kevin enjoyed seeing Autobot Spike using The Claw to catch his dad:

Autobot Spike Saving Sparky

Enjoy the episode and feel free to give us some feedback! See you next week!

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