Podcast Episode 7 Fire in the Sky

It’s another great episode of the original Transformers cartoon. And this week we get the introduction of a new character and a new catch phrase! You can listen to the show here:

Download it here: Episode 7 Fire in the Sky

Before we even get to our Most Insane Moments, we just wanted to share how surprised Ratchet and Ironhide were at one point:

Ironhide and Ratchet Surprised

And who could forget the beauty of Megatron chucking an energon cube at Starscream’s head:

Megatron Beans Starscream

Adam’s Most Insane Moment was Refractor trying this acrobatic routine in battle (that did not work):

Refractor Goes Down

And Kevin’s Most Insane Moment was… whatever happens here:

Skyfire Changes Teams

See you next weekend!


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